Empathy is our cornerstone, fostering understanding and compassion within our esports community. We prioritize listening, supporting, and connecting, ensuring every member feels valued and understood.


Integrity stands at our core, championing honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. We uphold values-driven decisions, ensuring trust, respect, and authenticity resonate throughout our esports organization.


Compassion defines us, driving kindness and understanding. We prioritize caring for each member, fostering a supportive environment where empathy and consideration flourish in our esports community.


Curiosity fuels us, promoting exploration and growth. We encourage continuous learning, innovation, and open-mindedness, inspiring our esports community to seek new horizons and embrace evolving opportunities.


We hire professional coaches to help our players gain the edge they need to win.  None of us play alone.  We train with game time, educational material, and game footage review to ensure our skills stay honed.


Esports players need to be some of the best there is.  From tournaments and competitions to blogs, video content, and streaming.  Our players have a wide variety of skill they apply.


We are the elite gamers dedicated to being the best.  We train, play, and win.  Our precision and skill keeps us at the top!


Our mission is to foster a secure and vibrant esports community, born in the heart of the Midwest. Committed to creating a space where gamers thrive, we prioritize inclusivity, sportsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence in competitive gaming.


Oz Alliance envisions a future where our Midwest-based esports organization stands as a beacon of community, innovation, and skill development. We aspire to cultivate a diverse and welcoming environment that inspires both casual and competitive gamers to unleash their full potential and create lasting connections within our gaming family.


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